Is Upcoming Election Year in the United States a Free Pass for ISIS and Terrorists Everywhere?

The upcoming election year is already ahead of itself.  In our society today, it seems like the hype for the next presidential election starts as soon as the last one is completed.  President Obama’s triumphant victory over Mitt Romney still means he has another year and three-quarters to go in the White House, and yet the mainstream media can’t go fifteen seconds without mentioning the upcoming crop of presidential hopefuls for 2016.  While this may seem harmless enough, we at Common Sense Conspiracy believe that the election year hype actually hurts our nation.

Shh... there's to be afraid of.
Shh… there’s to be afraid of.

Right now the world is on fire.  President Barack Obama has made small moves at trying to stop the spread of ISIS throughout the Middle East, but mostly it was just little love taps to remind them that he’s watching.  When he does want to push things a little further, Congress won’t cooperate with him.  Ironically, it’s not the ever-war-hungry Republicans thwarting his plans to fight ISIS; his own political allies (normally) are the ones refusing to approve and give him more latitude, insisting that he must agree that he will never, ever, no matter what put boots on the ground.  Any reasonable person can understand why President Obama balked at agreeing to that.  Regardless of whether Obama secretly desires a wider war or not, he certainly cannot commit to taking a major military tactic off of the table in the fact of an uncertain future.  So, basically, Obama is handcuffed.  Without a terror attack to garner public support (or a false flag, if you believe in such things), there isn’t much going to change between now and 2016, and Obama will be under tremendous pressure from Democrats not to to do anything that will give them problems in the upcoming election.  For these reasons and more, President Obama is unlikely to do much of anything, no matter how much ISIS moves forward itself.  And that is very, very dangerous information that we unfortunately broadcast around the world.

ISIS understands our political system and the climate in our country right now.  They have risen to power because of Americans’ general distaste for war in that region at this time.  Most Americans are turning back to the class isolationist philosophy.  It’s not happening to us, so why get involved in it?  Meanwhile, ISIS is knocking off Middle Eastern nations like dominoes, all while continuing to proclaim its desire to hurt Americans and even plant its flag in front of the White House.  Obama’s response has been mostly to crawl under a rock, talk about a highly suspect nuclear deal with Iran, and declare himself the fixer of a stable but fragile economy.  This will continue for the next 20 months or so, and ISIS is well aware of that.

One of these two may have a tumultuous 2017.
One of these two may have a tumultuous 2017.

Does ISIS have a free pass?  Can they basically do whatever they want to do until election year comes and goes?  The answer is yes, except for one thing.  They can’t attack America.  That would be suicide.  The only thing that will get Americans to stop running from the problem and face it is for another 9/11-type event to take place.  Then, Obama will get all the support he needs from the citizenry and Congress.  Why?  Because then it will be politically-viable to do the right thing, so that, of course, is the only time when we will do the right thing.  So, in a backwards, completely unintentional kind of way, President Obama is making very sure that America will not be attacked under his watch.  2017 could be a much different story.  Meanwhile, ISIS knows what it can’t touch.  That’s America.  What it can touch is pretty much everything else, and it will be doing so as quickly and effectively as it can.  The clock is ticking, and the bad guys know it.