Barack Obama — The First Anti-Semitic President?

This is not the only way some people on the Internet compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler.
This is not the only way some people on the Internet compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

At first glance, you probably are wondering what in the world this article could possibly be about. Is this another Republican trying to make some kind of absurd case that President Barack Obama is actually a closet Muslim and is systematically trying to convert the United States of America to sharia law? Not at all. Common Sense Conspiracy is just asking a question that needs to be asked in light of recent events and the way that the American President has approached his relationship with Israel and the Jewish people in general since he came into office in 2009.
President Obama has long had issues with Israel. It’s nothing new. Historically, the United States and Israel are staunch supporters of one another. Ever since Obama came on the scene, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel was noticeably colder, with more than one instance where the President has basically refused to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel. Back in 2012, President Obama was too busy to meet with the Prime Minister during a brief period when they were both in New York. While the White House has denied this story, many have said that there was another occasion when Netanyahu volunteered to drop what he was doing and come to Washington to discuss situations with President Obama and the President refused. Then, there was the controversy last week when the Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress, and the President and several key Democrats didn’t bother showing up. Obama said he wouldn’t meet with Netanyahu because it was so close to the election in Israel, but that doesn’t explain his ongoing troubled relationship (or lack thereof) with Israel and Netanyahu and what it all means.
So, why would this mean that Obama is anti-Semitic? After all, it sounds more like he just has a problem with Benjamin Netanyahu, not the Jewish people as a whole. But a lot of the stress and tension between these two key world leaders revolves around the “deal” that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Iran have been hashing out for literally years. According to President Obama and Kerry, this deal will allow Iran to have a nuclear program for civilian purposes, but not to make strides in developing nuclear weaponry because the United States and the world will have unparalleled access to the program. Israel, of course, is wary of this because there is still plenty of rhetoric surrounding Iran and what they might like to do if they ever gained access to a nuclear weapon, and Israel holds that this “deal” will only put Iran closer to that goal. Basically, Netanyahu is saying you can’t trust Iran to keep its word, and once they have the right tools in the right places, you will almost definitely see an Iraq-like situation where Iran shuts the U.N. inspectors out abruptly because it doesn’t need anyone’s help any longer. A lot of the “deal” also revolves around getting Iran to cooperate by loosening long-standing economic sanctions that have had grave effects on the country financially. Obviously, a better situation economically and financially in tandem with better access to the materials needed to build nuclear weapons all works together to help Iran get where it wants to be. Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry are touting this as some sort of historic deal that will literally remove this threat from the international community. No one, no one at all in the world believes for any reason that this “deal” will in any way, shape or form eliminate Iran as a viable threat internationally. If anything, it will bring a hesitant, peaceful working relationship for a few years until things take a turn for the worse abruptly and without any way of going backwards and stopping the train that has been put into motion. Meanwhile, terror organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS would like nothing more than for Iran to get closer to being nuclear-armed, because almost every expert in the world agrees that a nuclear Iran would happily hand over a nuke to one of these organizations if it meant seeing the “big one” go down for Israel or America. Obama and Kerry are literally setting into motion a complicated series of events that will almost definitely end up in a mushroom cloud.
If you a Jew in Israel, it probably looks an awful lot like anti-Semitism. After all, this American President has given their leader the cold shoulder and is now negotiating peacefully to help a rogue nation that has pledged to blow Israel off the map the first chance it gets to gain the materials it needs to make that threat a sobering reality. He is doing this willingly and against the advice of numerous world leaders and many advisors in his own camp. Whether this is intentional or a misguided attempt at diplomacy is hard for us to determine, but the outcome may very well be the same. It is no surprise that many people may wonder if President Obama is simply not concerned with the Jews or anti-Semitic at the core. What’s more anti-Semitic than helping a country that wants to kill every Jew on the planet?

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  1. actually he is part jewish .in fact the jews paid and helped him become pres. more than bush,his momma was part irelander and jew.and wasps are zionists

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