Airbus A320 and Andreas Lubitz — The Remaining Questions that Conspiracy Theorists are Asking

The terrible, tragic, and now we know intentional crashing of Airbus A320 has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the globe over the last couple of days.  As more information becomes available, it is clearer and clearer that 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot, waited patiently for the captain to leave the cockpit before locking him out and preceding to calmly and methodically crash the plane into the normally scenic Alps.  One black box from the flight was found intact.  This is helping provide some answers about this tragedy, but it is also raising questions as well.

As is usually the case here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we’re not here to report the news.  You can get the official account of this situation at any number of mainstream or alternative news outlets.  We are talking about the incident from conspiracy theorists’ everywhere point of view.  So, let’s analyze this situation and see what some of the lingering questions are.

The most obvious question is one of motivation.  There is no clear indication of why this young man would do such a thing.  So far, we don’t have any background information.  If he was depressed, mentally ill, and wanted to commit suicide, it seems that there are quite a few ways to go about it without killing 150 innocents along with yourself.  How many suicidal people come up with a plan like that?  There is also the premeditation.  This was not a fit of madness.  He waited for the right moment.  When the captain left for a restroom break, he locked the door.  He obviously knew what he was doing.  He didn’t just take over the plane.  Then, for what we now know was almost nine minutes, the captain tried desperately to get back in.  It has a lot of people wondering how someone could be crazy and yet make such competent decisions to accomplish his apparent goal.

Andreas Lubitz, a 27-year-old mass murderer.

The next problem many out there in the conspiracy world have with this whole situation is the nature of the descent.  By all accounts, the descent was slow, controlled, methodical.  If Lubitz’ goal was simply to crash the flight, he could have taken a much more direct path to do so.  He did not.  He locked the pilot out to make sure he would have no interruptions in a controlled, purposeful descent.  What is the purpose of that?   Additionally, the retrieved black box tells us that his breathing was normal during the descent, even while he was in the process of murdering 150 people and the captain was going bonkers just outside the cockpit door.  Is that the breathing of someone who is stark raving mad or someone who is well-trained and well-prepared for what he is doing?

As more information becomes available, some of these critical questions may be answered, but thus far, there are no concrete attempts at why any of these things were so.  Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to pass along information about this situation as more revelations come down the line, but for now, we encourage our readers to apply their usual skepticism to the mainstream media’s reporting.