47 Members of Congress Broke a Federal Law in Open Letter to Iran — So What? It Happens All the Time

We at Common Sense Conspiracy get it.  We understand that people all over America are excited about the prospect of 47 Republican Senators being hauled off in handcuffs to serve three years in Club Fed for the open letter sent to Iran that President Obama is up in arms about because it undermined the supposed “peace deal” him and John Kerry are brokering with Iran.  It all goes back to a law passed in the 1700s that states that no unauthorized person can just up and communicate with another nation on behalf of the United States of their own accord.  It’s called the Logan Act, and it is real.

Much like the American Constitution, the Logan Act simply isn't all that important these days.
Much like the American Constitution, the Logan Act simply isn’t all that important these days.

The bad news for those chomping at the bit to see some American Congressmen in chains:  it’s never actually been used as a basis to prosecute anyone so far in these hundreds of years.  And it won’t this time either.  While President Obama may whine about what Congress did to his amazing “peace deal,” the truth is he isn’t going to do anything either.  How could he?  After his game of Twister on the Constitution of the United States the past six years, he’s the last person on Earth that is going to be blowing the whistle about politicians breaking federal laws.  Even he’s not crazy enough to open that can of worms up.

The reality, my friends, is that none of this matters one bit.  The “peace deal” with Iran that Obama is so proud of will be the ultimate tarnish on his legacy; the “peace deal” makes a major mistake…it trusts Iran to do what it says it will do.  We bet you could stop an Iranian on the street randomly and he’d tell you they have no intention of keeping that deal.  What they want is to say all of the right things to get the materials they need to make a nuclear bomb.  They want to say all the right things to get the economic sanctions imposed on them off their back so it will be easier for them to raise money to get the materials they need for a nuclear bomb.  They also know the clock is ticking.  President Barack Obama is by far the most passive President in recent years, and Iran is well aware that almost no one else in that office would have even entertained the notion that Iran could be nuclear and peaceful because everyone signed on the dotted line.  Even if the White House stays on the Democratic side of the fence in the 2016 election, the new president is not likely to be this personable to Iran.  They are not likely to continue the epic cold shoulder Obama has given to Israel, America’s longtime ally.

Nobody in Congress is going to jail.  No one in Iran gives two you-know-what’s about that open letter from the Republican Senators.  They already know what’s inside.  They already know that President Obama is the only sucker and they’ve got to make this work quick before anyone else steps foot in that big White House.

Legal or not, none of that matters.  Our political leaders are among the most corrupt in the world, and it’s almost gotten to the point where they don’t even try to hide it any longer.  If you think any one of these 47 Senators has even thought about the Logan Act for one second and what it might mean for their freedom, you are sadly mistaken.  Like their Democratic counterparts, they are above the law, they know this, and they will continue to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it while you and I continue to pay their salaries that the only thing they can agree on across the board is that they are too low.

It happens all the time.  Why is this time going to be any different?

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