So Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams Fabricated Elaborate Stories to Advance Themselves — The Mainstream Media Does it Everyday

It was a ridiculously hot story for no good reason at all.  Respected news anchor Brian Williams had to grudgingly admit that he told some tall tales when he said that he was in a helicopter that was fired on in Iraq.  And now there is even more uproar as Bill O’Reilly’s “no spin zone” might be the “all spin zone.”  Our question at Common Sense Conspiracy is simple… who cares?

hillaryBut what about journalistic integrity?  Well, this doesn’t make a hill of beans either, because there never was any in the first place.  When you have a mainstream media propaganda machine that reports the “news” as it sees fit on a daily basis, what difference does it really make if the anchors say they were in wars or not?  They are already delivering fake news to us by the minute.  Maybe they simply have told so much crap in their days on the air that they can no longer separate between what is real and what is fake.

brian williamsIs it kind of sickening to think of these rich pricks acting like they were in seriously dangerous situations?  Yeah.  Soldiers in real combat put their lives on the line and will probably never have a fraction of the yearly income of these blowhards.  But our point is that when your nightly news telecast may as well be advertised as a completely fictional television show anyway, well, does any of it really matter anymore?  At least Jon Stewart’s show didn’t try to sell you that it was 100% up front and legit.  Give us a break.