President Says Terrible Deeds Were Committed in the Name of Christ on National Prayer Day — And He’s Right

There are plenty of people passing this around on Facebook.  President Barack Obama made a short speech on National Prayer Day in which he encouraged Americans to not judge the religion of Islam based on the terrible events we, well, mostly associate with Islam.  Where he got a lot of panties ruffled was when he decided to throw it back on Christians, pointing out that plenty of atrocities have been carried out “in the name of Christ.”

Instantly, a chain email and social media message was created that would be passed around by the millions.  A lot of people are mad.  Well, they need to check their history.  This man is exactly right.

Let us say, this is not a site that regularly defends the actions of President Barack Obama.  This is not a Republican site, nor a Christian one.  We try to analyze these things and kind of get it from a common sense perspective.  Regardless of what religious affiliation you are, the truth is that President Obama is absolutely correct.  The Crusades are an obvious first choice, but many, many atrocities have been committed in the name of Jesus Christ.  It’s true.  Obama’s point was that every religion will have its crazies.  You shouldn’t judge an entire faith by a couple of extremists.  Unfortunately, too many people took that message out of context to promote their own agenda.  Such is the way of things, but fortunately, you have sites like Common Sense Conspiracy to prevent everyone from having the wool pulled over their eyes.