President Obama Says “We are Not at War With Islam” — But is Islam At War With America?

President Barack Obama has been skating on a thin line here lately with his commentary about the ever-widening situation in the Middle East.  A few weeks ago, he took a public speaking opportunity to scold Christians, reminding them that they had their own skeletons in their closet when it comes to committing atrocities in the name of religion.  Just today, he reminded Americans that while the threat of the Islamic State is very real and must be dealt

Egypt knew how to respond when this happened.  How long before we see a row of American prisoners?  Will it matter?
Egypt knew how to respond when this happened. How long before we see a row of American prisoners? Will it matter?

with, America is not at war with the religion of Islam.  And yet, that statement poses an interesting question.  Is Islam at war with America?  Christianity?  Both?

Both Egypt and Jordan responded with huge showings of force when ISIS killed their citizens and broadcast it for the world to see.  The Pentagon has expressed dismay at these actions, saying that diplomacy is still the best option.  How absurd is that?  The Pentagon, and presumably President Obama, think that diplomacy is actually an option with a group of militant religious extremists who have publicly beheaded people as well as burned many alive.  They have slaughtered women and children alike.  They make no distinction, and ever since the beginning, they have made it clear that America is their overall enemy.  Remember them promising to hang an ISIS flag on the White House?  There will be no diplomacy with ISIS.  Diplomacy went out the window the second the first head hit the ground.  Jordan and Egypt get this.  France and most of Europe gets it.  America does not get it at all.  At least not the people in America that are making the decisions.

Obama’s point is that the religion of Islam is not represented by the actions of these vigilantes, but you just don’t see enough powerful figures in the Islamic world rising up to condemn these actions either.  Maybe if we saw more Muslim people railing against extremism, Obama’s words might seem more coherent, but in a world where just being a Christian is enough reason to have your head chopped off, a lot of Americans (from a nation that despite all the efforts of the government is still overwhelmingly majority of the Christian faith) have had enough of it and are ready to see the most powerful military force in the world take care of a problem in the most expedient manner available.

For what it’s worth, President Obama has made steps to combat ISIS, but members of his own political party have stopped his forward progress.  They want him to include something in his request for authorization that says he will not use ground troops in combat for any reason.  That is to any reasonable person and absolutely ludicrous request.  They are asking the President of the United States to make a blanket declaration to Congress, the American people, and the enemy that he will not use ground troops no matter what.  At what point would that agreement go null and void?  The first 9/11?  Second one?  When ISIS actually does plant the flag on the White House lawn?  No President would be dumb enough to make a declaration like that.  You see, no one knows how bad it is going to get or what is going to happen going forward.  How someone that actually made it to Congress could pen such a request is absolutely mind-numbing?  There are people in comas that have more sense than that, and someone actually voted these nutcases into office.

What do you think?  Is this really about the American way of life?  The balance of power in the world?  Christianity versus Islam in an epic Armageddon-ish battle for supremacy?  What is the answer?  And do you think that ISIS could be dealt with diplomatically?  We want to hear your opinions.