Madonna Returns to Her Illuminati Roots With New “Living for Love” Video — Dancing With the Devil?

Move over Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift even.  The real High Priestess of the Illuminati is back in action this week and better than ever.  That’s right, Madonna has returned with a new song and video that will have the Internet exploding with talk about symbolism that isn’t even trying to hide in the background.

The music video for one of the most successful (and controversial) female artists of all time features her letting it all hang out Illuminati-style by actually dancing with the devil.  Like Satan.  Lucifer.  Whatever you like to refer to him as.  Represented here by a demonic bull-like figure, the devil dances with Madonna in a red room that looks just like every picture of a Satanic church you’ve ever seen or imagined.

So, what do you think?  Is Madonna trying to take her spot back from all these young folks?  Does “Living for Love” put the Illuminati front and center?  Or do we simply have a master of using controversy to create cash returning to form?  You be the judge.