Katy Perry Super Bowl Halftime Show Expected to Be Illuminati Playground — Satanic Ritual Before Millions of Eyes?

A little bit later this evening, Katy Perry will be performing in the coveted Super Bowl Halftime Show, an honor in the entertainment industry that many consider to be more or less a lifetime achievement award.  It is also an opportunity to perform in front of what will definitely be the biggest audience an artist is ever exposed to at once.  For those reasons and more, the Super Bowl intermission is always heavily scrutinized for Illuminati symbolism.  With the announcement that Katy Perry would be the entertainer this year, those that believe in the Illuminati were already laying out the groundwork for what is expected to be a performance littered with Illuminati symbolism and rituals.

Having said that, some take it to the max.  In the video below, our friends at Illuminati Watcher actually detail how not only are we watching Illuminati symbolism speckled into parts of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but we are actually going to be watching a full-blown satanic ritual right before our eyes.  A little much?  You be the judge.   Also, a Christian radio broadcaster has already branded the show as “maximum evil.”  Pretty strong condemnations for Miss Perry, who actually got her start as a Christian singer, of all things.  Boy are those days gone for good.  In any case, all eyes will be on the big show tonight to see what happens.  Common Sense Conspiracy will weigh in with our analysis shortly after the show.

Lastly, if you want to shield yourself from the occult for sure, tune into Puppy Bowl on the Animal Network.  We have analyzed past Puppy Bowls and have found there to be absolutely zero Illuminati imagery.  Of course, this is a new year.  Who knows, right?