Homeland Security to Partially Shut Down — Oh No, What are We Going to Do Now?

It’s typical Washington, D.C. garbage.  The Republicans successfully thwarted a bill to temporarily fund the Homeland Security Agency until another bill could be agreed on.  At midnight tonight, the funding for Homeland Security will end because Congress is once again playing silly games with America’s wellbeing and money.  However, it’s all grandstanding, and the average American has little reason to be worried about the partial shutdown.  As a matter of fact, the average American will probably be annoyed, as it will seem like nothing happened.

That’s right, all of the functions of Homeland Security that actually matter/affect people will stay right in place.  That means you’ll still get raped at the airport terminals, and all the critical operations of national security (i.e. listening in to everything you do via the NSA) will carry right on.  As a matter of fact, there is no information whatsoever available to indicate exactly what function of Homeland Security will be shut down by this political rain dance.  Perhaps the cafeteria will have to serve bologna sandwiches instead of a five-star meal.  Perhaps no one will answer if you dial Homeland Security and ask for the front desk.  Maybe a trash can somewhere in America won’t get emptied.

Homeland Security, much like Congress, only partially operates anyway, so a partial shutdown doesn’t mean much to anybody except someone trying to make some kind of political splash, one in which the only one getting water on them is, as usual, the American people.