Democrats and Republicans Alike Want President Obama to Arm Ukraine — But Disarm Americans?

As you no doubt are aware of, the political parties in the United States are as divided as ever.  While sites like ours at Common Sense Conspiracy frequently remind everyone that there is only one political party in the United States really, the masquerade of Democrats and Republicans does exist with the primary goal of keeping the American people divided so as not to threaten the sovereignty of a thoroughly broken system.  So, when you hear that Republicans and Democrats actually agree on something, it’s surprising.

rp_csc-default-image-11-300x213.jpgIn this case, it shouldn’t be.  Members of both parties are pleading with President Obama to allow the United States to arm Ukraine so that it can defend itself from rebels and Russia.  This is, of course, not something that makes Russia very happy in what is already a volatile relationship, to say the least.  President Obama seems reluctant to take this action, and with good reason.  There are plenty of reasons historically to not arm another group of people that may not necessarily like us, but our ideals happen to line up on one topic for the current foreseeable future.  See Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda for more information on this.  Arming another country because we temporarily agree with them is dangerous because those same weapons don’t just disappear after they successfully defeat our common enemy.  They get stored away, or worse yet, dispersed to our enemies.  Or, our ally today becomes our enemy tomorrow.  In any case, too often the end result is our own arms being used against us somewhere down the road.  That being said, it seems extremely likely that President Obama will succumb to pressure and allow Ukraine to be armed by America.

But wait a second.  Let’s think this through.  Congress and President Obama agree that Ukrainians should be armed.  In the same breath, they feel strongly that Americans in America should not be.

Let that sink in for a moment.