Why the Terrorist Attack on French Magazine is Probably Not a False Flag Operation

csc default image 1The terrible events unfolding in Paris, France today are obviously very interesting to our readers and those that frequent conspiracy forums and websites.  As always, Common Sense Conspiracy does not report the news anymore than necessary.  You all can follow the story at a myriad of other news sources.  We just want to take a second to address an issue as emails are pouring in from our readers about the possibility that the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine is a false flag operation.

Many major terrorist attacks often are suspected to be false flags.  In this case, there are quite a few reasons to not suspect such.  For starters, France has never been a major hotbed for false flag operations, and they seem an unlikely candidate now.  The magazine does have a sordid past history with Muslims in general.  They famously published satirical pictures and stories about the Prophet Mohammed which caused quite a stir in the world of Islam.  The magazine was attacked by a bomb a few years earlier, so this is not the first time they have had some beef with Islamic extremists.  Also, this attack will be termed a “terror attack” but it is isolated enough that it is doubtful France will be opening up an all-out war on any other nation because of this.  False flag operations almost always lead to an international conflict between major powers or the willful giving away of freedoms.  In this case, there really doesn’t seem to be anything like that happening, so for now, it looks like a group of Islamic extremists stormed the magazine and killed several people because they were trying to “avenge” their prophet, as it has been widely reported they said during the attack.

While we wait for more information, it is important not to jump to conclusions.  On a more sinister note, we must turn our attention to whether this attack is an isolated incident or part of an ongoing narrative.   If this does indeed turn out to be the work of ISIS, the next thing we have to worry about is how they got into France, how they could pull this off and apparently escape, and most importantly for Americans, whether or not small groups such as this already are alive and well in the United States and ready to stage a similar attack on American soil.

We did find some YouTube videos of the situation in Paris, including a gunfight between terrorists and police, but they are being blocked by YouTube as soon as they become available.  It is unclear what the reason for this is at this time.

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  1. French officials might have a motive for orchestrating an attack. A controversial book , which came out on the day of the attack and describes a future France under Islamic law, could have inspired officials to literally save France by mobilizing the public for an all out war against Islamic terrorism.

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