What Really Happened to “American Sniper” Chris Kyle?

rp_csc-default-image-2-hands-globe-300x240.jpgThe film adaptation of the book American Sniper is leading the box office and even garnered Oscar nominations.  But even as patriotic Americans flock to theaters to see the story of a real American hero,  Chris Kyle,  an alarming number of Americans have no idea what actually happened to Chris Kyle resulting in his death and the myriad of conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Too many Americans assume or are led to believe that Chris Kyle died in combat.  He did not.  He was murdered at a gun range in the good old United States of America along with a friend.  This only after becoming a celebrity and outspoken gun advocate.  It is also said that the government was very critical of his decision to publish his book.

2 thoughts on “What Really Happened to “American Sniper” Chris Kyle?”

  1. Yes there is alot about chris kyle we will never know … a few things i do know is it was not just any shooting range he died at ” look it up ” , also his kill list is off ? Do not forget the lawsuit ” look it up ” And he was not the only one to die that day ( with him ) A friend ? Yes this stinks .

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