Video Seems to Show a UFO Dropping an Orb Over Southern California

The following video on YouTube has already attracted a lot of attention in paranormal circles. The video is not from an “official” source but apparently an unidentified civilian who took the film and then posted it with the question to others as to whether they viewed the phenomenon as well. The video shows an unusual UFO moving across the sky at a high rate of speed and then dropping what can also be described as an “orb-like object” over Southern California. One thing of note… the creator of the video has disabled comments on his YouTube account. Why would someone who asked the question “Has anyone else seen this?” in the title of the video be resistant to allowing discussion on the matter. You be the judge. We want to hear your theories and stories here. We do not prohibit comments on this video or anything else you find on Common Sense Conspiracy.

One thought on “Video Seems to Show a UFO Dropping an Orb Over Southern California”

  1. Apparently someone has approached him. Possibly intimidated,paid,or advised to keep quiet. Why are governments so afraid of the good possibility that U.F.O.’s exist? Is it the old the earth is square theory? Think of what we could learn about space travel and our origin. How will we ever advance?

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