Suge Knight Arrested for First Degree Murder — Lifetime Criminal or Illuminati Frame Job?

It is already looking like a messy situation for Suge Knight.  He turned himself in to authorities after a warrant was issued for his arrest for murder stemming from an incident where he allegedly ran over two people, killing one.  All we really know now is that the incident started on a movie set, but eyewitnesses say that Suge Knight chased the victims down and purposely ran over them with the intent to kill.

As you might have imagined, Suge tells a different story.  His lawyers are already saying he will be fully exonerated when the investigation is complete.  It’s pretty doubtful that the police would jail Suge if they weren’t pretty sure they had their man, especially with all of the publicity this is sure to create.  In any case, Suge’s lawyers are saying it was an accident.  Suge was being attacked and it was an unfortunate accident that the people were run over as he was trying to make his getaway.

Just hours in, Common Sense Conspiracy is already getting questions about the possibility of Suge Knight being framed for murder by the Illuminati.  While it does seem an unusual situation, we aren’t able to find any real evidence that Suge is being framed by anyone at this time, but as more information comes available, we will pass it along to our readers.