Sia’s “Elastic Heart” Video Accused of Pedophilia with Shia LaBeouf — Illuminati Sacrifice or Desperate Ploy for Attention?

hqdefaultPop singer and songwriter Sia is no stranger to Illuminati accusations with her unusual behavior on and off stage, but her new video for song “Elastic Heart” is making waves even beyond the norm.  Sia tapped troubled actor Shia LaBeouf to star opposite Maddie Ziegler, the extremely talented but unfortunately just as extremely creepy child interpretive dancer from her “Chandelier” video.  As if there weren’t enough Illuminati accusations going around already, now Sia is trying to explain away what many interpreted as a pedophilia-laden video.

In the video, Shia LaBeouf, naked except for a flesh-colored garment covering his private parts, dances with Ziegler in a variety of artistic but what the average everyday person would probably tag as grossly inappropriate dance moves.  No matter how much you like your symbolism and interpretive dancing, this video is hard to ignore and write off due to artistic license.  In any case, as you might imagine, several of our favorite overzealous religious sites are taking it even further, labelling this video as an Illuminati sacrifice and a major sign that the apocalypse can’t be far around the corner.  The truth, as it tends to be so often, is probably somewhere in between the extremes.  What do you think?  Was Sia’s “Elastic Heart” a little too elastic for you?

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5 thoughts on “Sia’s “Elastic Heart” Video Accused of Pedophilia with Shia LaBeouf — Illuminati Sacrifice or Desperate Ploy for Attention?”

  1. I think the “elastic heart” video is by far a magical and fantastic video. I get she’s a wolf trying to bite him then she does its wonderful. Shia LaBeouf was amazing with his dancing and
    Acting along with Maddie. The two were perfect together. If people would realize its a video, you method act in them and that’s exactly what BOTH of them did period!!!!! Get your minds out of the gutter people. I feel sorry for the people who look at this video so jaded!!! Maybe the real issue is that the people who are complaining must of had some kind of sexual abuse when they were young for your mind to take you straight to pedophilia!!!!

    1. You tell them michelle. If some those people that are crying
      About it if there kid had the same opportunity to do that
      Video that Maddie had they would have jumped all over it!!!

  2. You tell them michelle people get your
    Minds out of the gutter . And if any of these people’s kid had that same opportunity that Madrid had they would jump all over it.

  3. Someone with balls should send this article to the pitiful/pathetic Melissa Gasoni. Her daughter is her ” best friend”?
    I hear children’s souls are cheap these days,right Shia???

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