Oil Prices are Nice Right Now, But What Does It Mean? What Happened Last Time Oil Dropped 50% in Months?

Millions of Americans have been cautiously enjoying the complete caving in of gasoline prices.  In what seemed like an overnight change, gas prices literally split in half, now reaching under $2.00 per gallon almost everywhere in America.  Rising gas prices had a whole lot to do with the crippling of the American economy over the past several years, and for many Americans it was a very welcome reprieve.  However, more than ever before, people are wanting to know why the gas prices could drop so radically and what exactly it means for the future.

History is repeating itself right before our eyes.
History is repeating itself right before our eyes.

Well, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to warn those that are smart enough to realize that something like this can’t go on forever that they are right.  They may even be more right than they thought they were.  The reality is downright scary.  Would you care to know the last time gas prices dropped so radically?  You probably don’t remember, because when it happened, it was nice then too, but the repercussions were so grave that no one can even remember the time before it and what the economic climate was like.  We’re talking about the second half of the year 2008.  The bottom fell out of gas prices just like now, and it was a harbinger of what many term as the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression.

President Obama is well aware of what this means, and he is already trying to set up Americans for what comes next.  Just today, he spoke to the public, indicating that while gas prices were nice right now, it was totally unsustainable and that people “aren’t going to be too happy” about what is coming in the future.  That’s pretty powerful omens from the mainstream media spin machine.  It appears that our fate is so set in stone now that even the spinsters can’t see a way to disguise it any longer.

Nothing like this happens for no reason.  There are cause and effect relationships throughout economics, and you can bet that the gas price situation is not the result of someone at OPEC thinking that Americans need a break.  It’s also not because America is producing more of its own oil.  Nothing’s changed on the surface but the price, but that’s simply not possible.  When gas prices skyrocket, everything in society is affected, usually in a negative way.  It stands to reason that therefore, when gas prices plummet, there must be effects felt also.  Those effects are forthcoming, and there is a consensus in the economic community that they are not going to be good ones.

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