Mitt Romney Won’t Run for President — But He Could Still Be Jeb Bush’s VP

Mitt Romney even suggesting that he might run for President yet again had plenty of political pundits laughing their butts off this past couple of weeks. Now, Romney has officially confirmed that he is not going to throw hit hat in the ring. The story goes that he wanted to test the waters, then found out he was leading in early polls in several states. Being the graceful person we all know him to be (LOL) he then pulled out of the race with the foregone conclusion that he would have been the winner of the Republican nomination in 2016.

Pictures like these will become even more frequent as 2016 approaches.
Pictures like these will become even more frequent as 2016 approaches.

Want to hear a more realistic story? This is speculation here at Common Sense Conspiracy, but we have a different idea of why Romney might have decided to pull out when he was so obviously into it the last few times he has spoken publicly. Romney didn’t choose to quietly and peacefully into the night. Romney is infamous for his business dealings. Well, he made another one. Instead of running for the nomination and possibly losing, he was pressured to get out of the way by Jeb Bush, the next nominee as any halfway decent conspiracy theorist knows. We are going to see Bush and Clinton vying for the Presidency once again in our country against all odds. It’s pathetic, and you would think that more people would realize that there’s something fundamentally wrong with that, and yet, here it is shaping up right in front of our faces. So, how could Bush’s people get Romney to go away? By promising him something, of course. A business deal, or an arranged marriage if you like. When Jeb goes full blown and takes the nomination against all common sense in the United States of America, he will choose Mitt Romney to be his Vice President running mate. There you go. That’s what is going to happen. Mark it down for Common Sense Conspiracy and watch the chips fall.

In the meantime, let’s all ask ourselves how Americans could let this happen all over again. A Bush? A Clinton? Are there only two power families in the United States? And how many body bags will it take to bring this matchup to fruition?

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