Leaked U.S. “Kill List” is Way Way Bigger Than Anyone Thought — High Valued Targets, Eh?

It has long been known that there is a “kill list” in the United States government, but up until recently, no one had a very clear idea of just who or how many people were on it. The government hasn’t even kept quiet about it necessarily; they have from time to time acknowledged the existence of the list, and even explained that it only included “high value targets.” You know, your Osama bin Ladens and the like. Well, the list has been leaked now, and it seems that maybe they weren’t telling us quite the whole story. Actually, the kill list is much larger than anyone imagined, and includes not just military-type targets, but major crime syndicates as well as drug dealers. It seems that the government’s definition of a “high value” target is pretty wide. Are you on the kill list? Maybe not yet, but it might be easier to get on there than you thought before.