Is Taylor Swift in the Illuminati? “Blank Space” Video May Answer Once and For All

Could Taylor Swift really be the Illuminati’s new grand priestess?  Is there a power struggle going on between her, Beyonce, and Rihanna for supremacy?  Where does Katy Perry fit in to all of this?  Well, for all things Illuminati, Common Sense Conspiracy knows where to turn to.  Our friends at Vigliant Christian always come through with a thought-provoking video full of bulletproof evidence… The “Blank Space” video for Taylor Swift is no different.  Fasten your seatbelts and look at this video like you never did before.  Or wonder what the hell the folks at Vigilant Christian are smoking.  Either way, it’s going to be a fun ride.

5 thoughts on “Is Taylor Swift in the Illuminati? “Blank Space” Video May Answer Once and For All”

  1. Well for one thing why out of all singers taylor Wouldn’t do this. She is changing a lot but I know that she wouldn’t go this far. She is not ruined and she is not a lesbian and she is not in the illuminati. Look at MILEY Cyrus she is in it (it’s been verified no judging) and look how ruined up she is if taylor was in the illuminti she would be messed up like everyone else. Taylor is a practicing Christian and goes to church regularly I even have proof. Yes the style video is very dark but it’s about not ever going out of style it’s creative and another GREAT taylor swift performance. Maybe if you would listen to the lyrics you would not judge her like his. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Ps. Look at the Asian magazine you posted with taylor crossing her arms. ITS SNOWING AND ITS COLD WHEN PEOPLE ARE CROSSING THERE ARMS!!!!! And what the heck now lighting it a bad thing. Stop giving taylor a hard time. You should stop judging. How much do you even know about taylor?!?! This comes from the girl who is a major swiftie and knows every friggin Taylor swift fact out there. Maybe you should be worried about your soul. Alicia instagram: aliciaswiftpeterson and shakingitswiftie

  2. Alicia shutup nd go grow d hell up. How d hell does taylor become so terribly popular, mingle with the illuminati hollywood elite, win lots of huge awards nd NOT be a part of it? Listen to 22, to blank space, kip track of her. Her life IS a mess. I kno it, ppl kno it, hell she evn knows. She is a promiscuous woman nd u dnt nid a love story to figure dt out

  3. There’s another article on this site suggesting Taylor Swift stopped being the Illuminati grand priestess in 2009 (at the VMA music awards — Kanye announcing Beyonce as the new one). There’s also another one saying she became the Grand Priestess in 2017 with her Revelations album. The timeline here is getting more and more confusing. I know you don’t suggest that all of the articles here are true, but at most one of these 3 things can be true, right? Do you believe in any of them?

    1. You are correct. Not all of these articles are written by the same person but by a team of independent researchers. We do not always share the same opinion, it’s true. And sometimes we’re just wrong. I think we are always careful to point out that these are just theories and that each reader should do their research and make up their mind for themselves.

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