Why are White Cops Killing Unarmed Black People Like Mad?

Well, it may not be the most politically correct title we’ve ever used here at Common Sense Conspiracy, but the question had to be asked. Regardless of how you feel about what’s been going on in the world with the Ferguson incident, the boy killed in Cleveland, another shooting in Phoenix, and the chokehold situation in New York, one thing is for sure: it seems that there are a lot of incidents of white cops killing unarmed black people during confrontations. Is this really happening the way the media is representing it to us?

"Think we got him.  What do you guys want to do for lunch?"
“Think we got him. What do you guys want to do for lunch?”

It is hard to understand.  The Michael Brown incident was such a lightning rod, but at least that case had some points of debate.  Michael Brown was a criminal; he had just robbed a store.  It seems fairly conclusive that he at the very least did attack the officer and made some move for his gun.  Should Darren Wilson have shot him multiple times?  Now, that’s a good question, and no matter how rosy his conscious is and how many feel-good interviews he gives, you gotta figure this guy probably wishes he hadn’t done that as it has pretty much ruined his life for life.  The Eric Garner incident in New York doesn’t have these points of debate.  There is a video.  It’s pretty cut and dry, or should have been.  It’s hard for a reasonable person (even a white one) to look at that video and not think that the officer should at the very least have been charged with something.  If we don’t want to call it murder, why not assault or battery?  This guy should at the very least lose his job.  Then, we have similar incidents in Phoenix and Cleveland.  You would think that white cops everywhere would be a little wary of shooting a black man at this particular moment in history, but it still seems to be open season for some reason.  What does it all mean?

Well, for one thing, you have to take a cold, hard look at where you are getting your news.  If you rely solely on the mainstream media, then all of these events are ardent racists who saw the chance to take out a black male and try to blame it on occupational hazards.  The mainstream media does overlook one detail.  All of the victims had just committed crimes of some sort.  Were any of the crimes worthy of being shot dead in the street or strangled to death?  I think white people, black people, and even some green dude I saw walking down the street today could agree on that.  Still, to prove that white police everywhere are just itching to kill black people any chance they get for no apparent reason, could we get at least one case of a white police officer killing a black person that had not just committed a crime?  Now that would be damning evidence right there.  White police officer accosts peaceful black man minding his own business…guns him down in cold blood.  As much as the media would love that headline and as much as they’ve already tried to turn all of these situations into that headline, the reality is that if none of these crimes had been committed, it’s doubtful that any of these people would be dead.  It is also doubtful that any of them would be dead if they had complied with the officer’s instructions at the time of the confrontation.  Why do these people think they can win against the police on the street?  You can beat the police in America, but you do that in a courtroom.  You will never succeed in beating up all of the police.  Those bastards just keep coming like a video game.  It’s understandable that having police arrest you causes high emotional strain.  Actually, this will come as a total shock to black people everywhere, but when police arrest white people, it usually pisses them off too.  You know what you need to do?  Hold your hands out for the handcuffs, get that badge number, and fight them to the death in court, not on the street.  Now, mind you, none of this is necessarily excusing the police officers’ actions in any of these interludes, but it is pointing out that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things on both sides of the coin, and in none of these instances did the suspect make any attempt to do it the right way.

So, what’s the verdict?  Truthfully, the Michael Brown situation was really bad and made national news.  The Eric Garner situation probably would have got minimal coverage if it were not for an ongoing crisis with the Michael Brown situation.  There’s nothing the mainstream media gets more excited about than piling on.  And this situation in Phoenix would not have even made the national news if it were not for the media loving every minute of the racial unrest they have created.  So, before you think we have an epidemic of racist white cops killing black people for no reason, let’s remember how we are getting spoon-fed that information.  It matters.

Michael-Brown-seated-protester-End-police-brutality-081415-by-James-CooperCops do seem to overreact.  They do seem to make rash decisions.  In the Eric Garner situation, it did seem like the cops were frustrated with him and took it out on him physically.  Is this right?  No.  Could Garner be alive right now if he had simply replied to them respectfully?  Almost 100% yes.  The cops need to get it together, but it’s a two-way street.  Everyone needs to remember that you need to pick your battles in order to win the war.  Fighting the police in the street isn’t likely to have a good ending.  If you aren’t dead and a martyr to the African American cause for Al Sharpton, you will probably be beat half to death.  The cops shouldn’t do that, but it seems that grand juries all across America are giving them a free pass to do whatever they wish.  So, unfortunately, maybe we all need to stop and think before we decide to grab that cop’s weapon.  Maybe before you spit in the cop’s face because he asked for your drivers license you might should consider that he has free reign to whip your a*$ and even kill you if he feels like it.  Maybe before you start fighting five or six police officers despite the fact that a trip to the mailbox looks like it would be overtaxing for your physical condition, you ought to think “Am I all in?”  Is it really worth it?  A trip to jail sucks, especially if you really weren’t doing anything wrong or feel the cops are targeting you.  But it beats a trip to the morgue by a long shot.  And in the first scenario, you get a day in court.  You might win.  The morgue is basically the hall of fame for losers.

Should we examine our police force and figure out what their problem is?  Absolutely.  But in the meantime, there still seems to be a huge amount of evidence that if you don’t commit crimes, don’t fight the police, and do what they tell you to do when they tell you to do it, you have an excellent chance of coming out of this thing alive.

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  1. I think you might be parroting the story the main media gave on mike brown. The store owner Daud that he did not recall mike ever coming in his store. The date on the tape was not august 9th.

  2. Truth is white males also commit these same crimes and sometimes even worse BUT never end up dead. In case you were wondering that’s called white privilege.

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