Is the Illuminati Punishing Bill Cosby for Stepping Out of Line? Women Coming Out of the Woodwork With Sexual Assault Allegations

By now, you would have to be living under a really soundproof rock to not have heard about the stunning allegations about Bill Cosby, formerly beloved American comedian and actor.  Due to all of the attention being paid to Bill here of late, we have had several of our readers ask for information about Bill Cosby’s possible Illuminati involvement.  Many want to know if Bill was ever involved with the Illuminati and if he has had some sort of falling out with them that has caused them to ruin what was once a untarnished reputation.

Well, we can’t give you any full answer on this.  What we will point out is that these allegations are nothing new and have actually been around for decades.  Of course, others could bend that to prove that Bill has been at odds with the Illuminati for decades as well, and they have never stopped trying to ruin him for not doing their bidding.  What do you think?  Would the Illuminati miss out on a wholesome family show like the Cosby Show as a massive means of influence?  Did Bill really make a hand sign showing that he is standing down in a recent interview?  Or does America just have a very unnatural desire for anything and everything Illuminati?  You be the judge.