Is Michael Jackson Still Alive? Oh Goodness…

Anytime an iconic figure like Michael Jackson passes away, there is going to be plenty of speculation about his death. And, as we have seen so many times before with Elvis, there is usually a certain demographic that refuses to believe the deceased is really deceased and continues to find “evidence” that indicates the celebrity is still alive and well but hiding for some reason. We at Common Sense Conspiracy had heard the theories that Michael Jackson faked his own death, most likely to escape some sort of struggle with the Illuminati, and is now alive and well but staying clear of the public eye. It’s been tossed around in forums, but here lately, we have had several of our readers inquire about this. For whatever reason, this particular conspiracy theory is making the rounds hard right now, and more people are wanting to know the truth. Well, without further ado, here it is…

Michael Jackson is dead.

There is absolutely no reason to believe he is alive.

And silly videos like the one below use ridiculous pixelated and blurry images to try to “prove” that Michael is not only alive, but still hangs out at Neverland and even attended his own funeral for giggles.

Of course, then again, we would say that, after all, if we were covering for Michael, now wouldn’t we? 😉

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