Greenville, South Carolina Police Abuse and Tase Autistic Boy While Arresting Him for Admittedly Nothing at All — Chicken or the Egg?

Can you get arrested for resisting arrest without having done anything to get arrested for in the first place?  What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Well, that’s a good damn question, isn’t it?  But that’s only one small issue in this mess.  In Greenville, South Carolina, police swarmed an African American autistic boy walking home on Christmas Eve.  The boy, who clearly suffered from a disability, was eventually tased because he was “resisting arrest” despite the fact that he was ultimately only charged with one crime.  Yeah, you guessed it.  Resisting arrest.  Makes sense right?

Neighbors came out and tried to inform police that they were abusing an autistic boy.  The police did not care, and even went on to release a callous statement about how they regretted that they had to use force but it was the right thing to do anyway.  Nothing like looking out for the public safety.  You would think when it was all over, they would at least drop the resisting arrest charge since he did nothing to give them a reason to arrest him in the first place, but they went ahead with the charges, which anyone in America knows are 100% certain to be thrown out as soon as they go in front of a judge.  Way to go, Greenville PD.  You really showed this kid who was boss.