Could Sony Hacking Job Be a Masterful Deception to Bring Friction Between North Korea and the United States?

The United States government insists that North Korea is responsible for the massive hacking attack that let us all read Sony’s deepest, darkest secrets in our inbox en route to derailing a major motion picture from premiering. Not only does North Korea say that it had nothing to do with it, but now they are requesting a cooperative investigation with the U.S. into exactly what happened. You know, almost like they want to clear their name. The United States, including President Barack Obama, is steadfast that the hacking attack and aftermath is the purposeful fault of North Korea.
But hold up a second! Weren’t we told that North Korea’s highest level of technology was decades behind the United States? Weren’t we told that North Koreans had just discovered the Commodore 64 recently? Weren’t we told that North Koreans play video games over a decade past their prime because they just don’t have the technology to play the video games of today?
Well, we were told all of those things, and yet, now we are being asked to believe that this same country with that same technology pulled off one of the most complicated and successful hacking operations of all time. Hear that sound? It’s the bell of inconsistency.
So, of course, your first instinct is to scoff at Kim and say, “Sure, buddy…you don’t know anything about it, right?” But what if he’s simply telling the truth? What if a group of hackers pulled this off and made it look like it was the fault of North Korea? It’s not an unheard of idea. The late Tom Clancy famously went down this road in the eventual movie The Sum of All Fears.
Why would a group of hackers want to blame this on North Korea? Easy. There are tons of motivations. Do they want to increase tension between the United States and North Korea? Do they want to start a war? Do they know something we all don’t know? Is this just the first attack of a long developed plan?
Can anyone say New World Order? What do you think?