Conspiracy Theorists Publicly and Legally Recognized in Tsarnaev Marathon Bombing Trial — Supporters Causing an Unfair Trial?

As many of our regular readers know, Common Sense Conspiracy is always surprised when the mainstream media acknowledges conspiracy theorists in any way, whether they do so with respect or in a desperate attempt to make everyone that questions the official account of things a total idiot. The mainstream media is being forced to do just that today in the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the infamous kid that was caught hiding in a boat in one of the most intense manhunts of the modern era in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Tsarnaev’s lawyers took the unusual step of asking the judge to rule that “supporters” of Tsarnaev not be allowed to protest and demonstrate outside the courtroom. That’s unorthodox to say the least; most trial lawyers welcome a support group that thinks their client is innocent. Not in this case. Tsarnaev’s lawyers are actually arguing that his supporters only support him because they

Stop it dude!  You are hurting the Tsarnaev defense with your mere presence!
Stop it dude! You are hurting the Tsarnaev defense with your mere presence!

believe in conspiracy theories about the bombings. This is why they are rallying about his innocence, and the lawyers believe that having conspiracy theorists on his side actually hurts Tsarnaev.
To clarify this once more, it is being presented to the court that a person accused of a deadly terrorist attack’s defense is actually hurt by conspiracy theorists outside the courtroom proclaiming his innocence. Let that sink in for a minute.
The lawyers, in case you were wondering, are exactly right.
We live in a nation where the mainstream media and our government has worked so furiously hard to make anyone that questions their account of things out to be insane that it is actually a detriment to have any of these people on your side. The term “conspiracy theorist” has become synonymous with crazy, insane, silly, and pretty much any other word in the English language you can think of to describe someone you look at as probably wearing aluminum foil hats on their head. The net result is simple… it’s nice to see the mainstream media grudgingly acknowledge that there are Americans that do not accept the government’s account of what happened in Boston. Unfortunately, they are only making them seem even crazier in the manner in which they are being acknowledged. Meanwhile, Tsarnaev is desperate to get something resembling a fair trial, so the first action his lawyers take is to cut ties between him and conspiracy theorists.
Does that mean conspiracy theorists are worse than Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the public’s eyes?