AirAsia’s Flight QZ8501 Vanishes — More Plane Conspiracy Theories

We all know the story of Flight MH370 by now.  Conspiracy theories have swirled about the mysterious disappearance for months.  Then another Malaysian Airlines jet was shot down close to the Russian-Ukraine border.  Now we finish out 2014 with another grim day for aviation.  Flight QZ8501 has vanished in the skies above Indonesia.   Carrying 162 people on board, the plane is already inspiring plenty of speculation.  As usual, Common Sense Conspiracy is not reporting the news.  There are a myriad of other sites out there doing that.  We are specifically reporting and analyzing data related to conspiracy theories and questionable things about the situation.  So, with that said, let’s start looking at this from all angles.

The first suspicious thing is that some media outlets reported that the flight asked for a different route just before disappearing from radar and losing contact.  This isn’t that unusual in and of itself, but the fact that this was reported by several agencies (mostly not in the United States) and later not reported at all has many people thinking that there is some sort of coverup or at the very least a disinformation campaign going on.  This is what got the conspiracy wheels turning fast on this one.  With obvious similarities to Flight MH370, already a lightning rod for conspiracy theorists, it wasn’t long before people were already putting all the dots together.

There are a couple of major ideas about what this all means that are flying around the conspiracy circuit.  Some people believe that terrorists, perhaps ISIS, are collecting planes for some sort of massive attack in the future that would leave 9/11 looking like a practice run.  Of course, this theory requires the plane somehow evading everyone and then landing safely at some undisclosed location.  Possible?  Sure.  Likely?  Well, that’s another story.

Our more supernatural-leaning theorists believe that there is some sort of “new Bermuda Triangle” at work in the area around Indonesia.  While it does seem like there have been an awful lot of problems in the area this year, in reality, it’s nothing like the Bermuda Triangle legend, and we would need a whole lot more data before really pushing this forward as a serious theory.

Last but not least is the idea that someone may have known this was going to happen.  Powerful people in Air Asia made some very significant stock sales this past week, just in the nick of time before the airline would suffer a huge shock to its system.  Could someone have known that the plane was going to disappear and have dumped stock to get out in front of this thing?  Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is the chief executive officer of Air Asia Airlines.  He sold over 850,000 shares of the airline he heads on December 22.  Just a little suspicious?

The search for Flight QZ8501 will resume as soon as daylight comes in the areas of interest tomorrow.  Here’s hoping that the families of the victims and the world get some closure on the issue, but MH370 showed the world that a plane really can just vanish without a trace, even in today’s technologically advanced world.  Or at least that’s what they wanted us to believe.