Schools in Ferguson, Missouri to Be Notified of Verdict Ahead of Time Because Children May Be in Danger

For those of you that have been following the insane events in Ferguson, Missouri for the last couple of months, it may seem that it can’t get a whole lot worse than it already has.  Well, it can, and many seem to think it will.

People in Ferguson, Missouri are arming themselves like crazy.  Gun retailers said sales were up as much as 300% as people await the grand jury verdict and anticipate a repeat of the violence and destruction that happened earlier in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown.  It seems that law-abiding, taxpaying residents of Ferguson aren’t just going to take this lying down this time.

The grand jury has long been expected to return a verdict on whether or not police officer Darren Wilson will be charged with a crime of any sort in the killing of Michael Brown around mid-November.  Now, the governor of Missouri has already proclaimed a state of emergency and put the National Guard on alert.  But even more disturbing is a new revelation that the schools are being notified in advance of the verdict so that they can make sure children get home safely before whatever is going to happen begins.

Yes, you read that right.

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to make a couple of points about this.

#1.  It doesn’t matter what the grand jury says, the people that want to riot will find a reason to do anyway.  If the grand jury does not elect to indict Wilson, they will riot.  If they do, they will riot.  They already have decided.  It makes no difference.  The reason is in #2.

#2.  People that think rioting, which involves hurting and damaging the property of other citizens that have nothing to do with the event they are upset about, is a productive way to address such a problem are animals.  And not like all humans are technically animals.  We mean it like it sounds.  If you would do something like that, you are no better than an animal.  If we have to worry about schoolchildren being safe going home from school because of what you might do, you are an animal.  It is not a racial issue.  If white people do these things, they are animals too.  Police that attack peaceful protesters are animals also.  Anyone that uses violence or rapes and pillages is an animal.  It’s that simple.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the “state of emergency.”  As most of you probably realize, state of emergencies are normally called for natural disasters.  To call one in a situation like this is highly unusual and has many people in conspiracy circles wondering what the reasoning behind it is.  On the surface, it seems legit enough.  There has to be a state of emergency declaration in order to activate the National Guard.  In some ways, the governor of Missouri simply got the ball rolling ahead of time.  On the other hand, a state of emergency also gives the police and National Guard quite a bit of latitude in how to handle their affairs.  Smells an awful lot like martial law, doesn’t it?  Could this be the ultimate goal here?