Saratoga, New York Sheriff’s Deputy Slaps Civilian, Takes Keys, and Threatens to Rip His F—ing Head Off — All Because He Didn’t Agree to Have His Car Searched Illegally

The cops don’t play in Saratoga County, New York, especially if you insist that you have rights as an American citizen. They really hate that. Never mind that this is a fundamental reason behind why they exist… but so is the government, so that theory has long gone out the window. In any case, this civil servant showed his true colors in this video that was taken of him getting so desperate to search this guy’s car that he resorted to threats of physical violence, and then actually going on to the next stage of actual physical violence. After being fired and arrested for the incident, the former police officer involved said that he just did what he had to do, but hey, obviously if he knew he was being recorded he would have acted differently.

While Common Sense Conspiracy salutes the Saratoga County Police Department for their rapid dispensing of justice in this case, there are too many incidents like this going on every day in America. Why have the police become so emboldened of late, and where is the line in the sand? How much farther will this go?