Midterm Elections Spotlight the Real Problem in America — There are No Winners, Only Losers

Tomorrow is Election Day and millions of Americans will march out to cast their votes in local, state, and national elections. They will get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with democracy, civic duty, and the knowledge that their voice has been “heard.”
The so-called experts will anxiously listen to exit poll results and try to determine what is happening, especially on the national stage. The big question: will the Republicans pick up enough Senate seats to capture a majority and gain total control of Congress for the last two years of the volatile Barack Obama presidency? What does Common Sense Conspiracy predict?

Easy one.
It doesn’t matter.
The outcome is the same.

zz-donkey-poopingThink about it. If the Republicans claim the Senate, what does that mean for America? Simple. For the next two years, President Obama will be an even bigger lame duck president than he has been for the entire two terms. The Republican-led Congress will oppose him at every turn, regardless of what he is suggesting. This includes things that are good, bad, or indifferent. The federal government will continue to rack up trillions of debt for two years while absolutely not one thing is accomplished. We as American citizens accept this. We allow them to continue on that path of cashing their checks and mutually destroying the possibility of any positive or even negative change in our country. At no other level of business would such an outcome allow people to keep their jobs; only in the government will you witness such atrocities. Now, some Republicans would happily point out that accomplishing nothing for two years is good news, because an Obama doing nothing is better than an Obama doing something. Well, there may be some validity to that logic, but still, why does America accept a situation where it is mutually understood that everything will be stalemated and nothing will happen, yet we can watch the federal debt meter spin out of control like a power meter after you plug in your National Lampoon-esque Christmas lights.
The Democrats will say “See, there’s the problem. We want to do all these great things and the Republicans are just standing in our way.”

Wrong again.

Let’s suppose that the Democrats keep the Senate. Okay, how does that change things? Not at all. They will continue to spin their wheels out of fear of doing anything that will draw the ire of the American public leading up to the 2016 election. They will pass small amounts of legislation for things that are not concerning to most people in our country while wholesale ignoring major issues in a desperate bid to hold on to the all-important White House for another four years. Most importantly, that debt meter will continue to spin out of control.

So, you see, Americans, your vote really doesn’t count. They don’t have to have voter fraud and rigged machines to fix an election. The thing was fixed from the outset. When Americans realize this, maybe then we can see some action. In the meantime, the only sound that can be heard out of Washington is the debt ticker. It never misses a beat.