Jeb Bush for President in 2016 — If It Pans Out, It is the Ultimate Proof of a Conspiracy

It’s hard to believe that we are even having this conversation. George W. Bush will go down in the history books as one of the most infamous presidents of all time. While it may be notable that his successor Barack Obama’s name will probably be right beside his in said history book, it still would seem like the legacy of George W. Bush had ruined the Bush name in politics for many, many years if not forever. And yet, we are hearing the slow, steady beating of the drum for Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, to run for President of the United States in 2016.

Really?  This is the best we can do, America?  Haven't we seen this movie before?
Really? This is the best we can do, America? Haven’t we seen this movie before?

First things first, let’s take a step back and look at the facts. Jeb Bush is not George W. Bush, and while he no doubt supported his brother, it doesn’t make him responsible for what his brother did while he was in office. Technically, there’s no reason Jeb Bush should be blackballed in American politics. By most accounts, he was a pretty decent governor of Florida, and he is coming along at a time when the Republican Party seems to be on an upswing. He is also known for sharing some ground with Democrats, especially in areas like immigration. In some ways, he might be the best candidate. Throwing facts out the window, however, his last name is Bush, and one would think that this alone would be enough to give him zero chance at a bid in 2016. And yet some political pundits already believe that not only could he throw his name in the hat, but he might just be the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. And this is the mainstream media. This is CNN and Fox News beating the same drum, whether members of either political party want to admit it or not. This is a movement we are watching. The government-sanctioned mainstream media is slowly but surely convincing the American public that Jeb Bush for President is not as crazy as it seems at first glance.
Wait a minute, you say! I thought the mainstream media was all pro-Obama. No, the mainstream media is pro whatever the Big Brother government tells it to be. Many sheep in America believe that the political parties are duking it out, but what they are actually doing is colluding together to steer America in a particular direction. Depending on what party is in office, they pursue different agendas. The overall agenda remains the same. To preserve the division of the American people, they conduct their business in line with what party is currently in power. For example, when Bush and the Republicans ruled the roost, we saw massive wars. They wouldn’t have tried this during a Democrat’s reign. Why? Because American Democrats believe that “their” President wouldn’t do that. American Republicans believe “their” President is aggressive on national defense. They move their agenda forward in keeping with what people have been trained to believe. This keeps the herd intact and makes sure that Americans never realize that they are just a herd. If Americans became politically self-aware, it would be the biggest disaster for the American government and the New World Order imaginable. A divided republic is easy to control. No one will ever get anywhere with two people grabbing the steering wheel.
If Jeb Bush successfully runs for President and wins, it will be the smoking gun for every conspiracy theory out there involving how our leaders are selected and whether or not elite families control our nation. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the Clinton and Bush families and the amazing political success they have amassed between each other. Barack Obama seemed to be a bump in the road between the Clinton-Bush dictatorship. In a way, we could see the ultimate affirmation of this theory. We could actually see Hillary Clinton vying for the presidency against Jeb Bush, with America seeing the return of the Clinton-Bush lineage regardless of who wins. Ironically, neither should even be considered. The Benghazi mess should have ruined Hillary, but no one thinks it damaged her at all. The family name should ruin Jeb, and yet no one thinks he is damaged goods at all. The media would love to sell us that epic political rumble. Clinton versus Bush. Again. Once more with feeling. What it should mean to every American is that whether you believe your vote really counts or not, at least the people you are voting for appears to be very much fixed. Voting for Clinton or Bush is voting for the same thing. Make no mistake. Yes, what agenda goes forward may depend on which one gets into office, but those items on the agenda are just a long list that will go through sooner or later. And Barack Obama’s “breath of fresh air” did little to stop this one-way train.

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  1. This was predicted by Sayeed Sabour and Ron Keller in their show America in focus several months before your article. They also predicted that Jeb Bush would beat out Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election. They also stated that these are SELECTED positions. I am not going to call you a Johnny – come – lately, but you guys are definitely joining the bandwagon almost a year late. Admittedly I didn’t believe them until the news started coming out just a few weeks ago that JB might decide to run.

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