Ferguson Verdict — NO CHARGES FOR WILSON! — Grand Jury Declines to Indict Due to Lack of Evidence

In a long-winded attempt at civilizing the process surrounding this, the attorney general in Ferguson announced that officer Darrell Wilson will not face any charges.  The explanation of the verdict included a sweeping reprimand to social media and the “24/7” news cycle, citing conflicting witness reports as to what happened to Michael Brown.  Basically, the entire revelation of the verdict was designed to try to explain how great a job the prosecution did in presenting the facts and witnesses to the grand jury.  It also served as an acquittal of the jury itself by trying to convince everyone that the jury did an exhaustive investigation before coming to a decision.

The final result:  it turns out the facts did not line up with what rioters and protesters have insisted since the very beginning.  The grand jury decision should be a final moment when everyone goes on with their life.  Unfortunately, a crowd of people that have already made up their mind based on non-factual accounts will probably choose to take the life of others instead of going on with their own.  Despite pleas from Michael Brown’s family for peace, it is entirely likely that will not happen.  What happens going forward remains to be seen, and Common Sense Conspiracy hopes that everyone makes the right decisions in the wake of this fateful day.  More importantly, hopefully the people of Ferguson will wake up safe and sound with their property intact.