Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict to Be Revealed at 8:00PM CST/9:00PMEST — Preparing for Martial Law or Waiting for After Dark?

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri has been plenty convoluted for weeks as a grand jury poured over a case that probably should have taken a few minutes to decide, regardless of which way you fall on the issue.  Now, after a week of high tension as protesters/rioters planned their strategies for the verdict, we finally have been told that the official findings of the grand jury will be revealed just under two hours from now at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time.  It has been a known fact that the grand jury completed its service and was released in the 4:00 hour, so revealing the verdict has been delayed by several hours.  What does that mean?

Well, it depends on how you look at it.  It’s hard to imagine a scenario where delaying the verdict is good news for supporters of Michael Brown.  If the grand jury elected to charge Darren Wilson, the officer that shot and killed Brown, it’s hard to imagine why a delay would be required.  The delay seems to indicate that they are preparing for a bad situation in Ferguson.  There are two schools of thought on what the purpose of the delay might be.  On the one hand, it gives time for everyone to get home for the night.  It also gives the police and National Guard time to get ready for whatever happens.  On the other hand, it also gives protesters time to organize, and gives them an even more important advantage:  the cover of darkness.  And then you throw in the martial law conspiracy theory.  This is basically the concept that at 9:00 PM, the jury’s decision will be announced followed by an immediate mandatory curfew requiring everyone to stay in their homes or face the consequences up to and including being shot on sight.  In other words, a full-on martial law declaration that would include all citizens.

With just a little while to go, Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor the situation from all angles, but it’s hard to see a very positive outcome looming on this one.  And the insinuation that Officer Darren Wilson would be able to return to work “immediately” is the most ridiculous thing anyone ever said.  Wilson’s life is ruined.  He will never work in law enforcement again.  He will not be able to live in the same town.  He may not even be able to live in the United States of America.  This is regardless of which way the verdict goes.

Stay tuned, and let’s all hope that peace rules the day, even if it’s hard to imagine a scenario where it might win out.