Emperor Obama Will “Go It Alone” With Executive Orders on Immigration — Millions of Legal Illegal Aliens?

Well, one thing you have to give President Barack Obama credit for.  He follows through on his threats.  He has long indicated that he would happily take executive action if Congress didn’t pull through with a comprehensive immigration reform package, and he didn’t let America voting the Republican Party back in control of both houses of Congress slow him down any.  Despite repeated warnings that this will only further an already near-terminal divide between the parties, Obama announced that he will reveal executive actions on immigration in an address to the nation on Thursday night.

Don't tread on me.
Don’t tread on me.

Like most things in government, the actions proposed don’t seem to have much purpose toward fixing anything.  Millions of current illegal aliens will suddenly have no fear of any repercussions for their illegal entry and living in the country.  What economic and sociological impacts this will have are uncertain, but there are few out there that see it as a positive.  The only things it’s sure to do are piss off the Republicans, make a lot of people that became Americans the right way mad, heavily encourage more people to sneak into America, and last but not least, take a steaming dump on the rule of law America and how whenyourekingthe system of checks and balances was supposed to work.  Actually, this may be Obama’s coming out party.  Emperor Obama, as he has been called by some Republican politicians, might be making his first moves that show his plans for what should have been a lame duck two years.  King Obama doesn’t look to be going down quietly, and you can bet many in conspiracy circles will be wondering if this isn’t the beginning of the long-held theory that Obama would somehow introduce another term for himself or better yet, declare himself dictator of America.  Remember, this is the same guy that said that for him to do exactly what he is doing on immigration was illegal.

Is any of that terribly likely?  Probably not.  What Obama is really doing is an old Democratic standby.  Buying votes.  All of those illegal aliens that are about to wake up American citizens through no fault of their own are definitely going to feel pretty endeared to the Democratic Party.