Marysville, Washington School Shooting a False Flag? SWAT Team Practice at Same Time Acknowledged on CNN

We can’t guarantee how long this video capture will stay live because you can bet there are plenty of government agencies ready to take it down as soon as possible.  In any case, in coverage surrounding the swat_trainingschool shooting today in Marysville in Washington State (north of Seattle), CNN acknowledged on the air that there was a SWAT team training going on at the same time.  Exactly the same time.  For those of you that keep tabs on these shootings, this is pretty common to find out that they were practicing for basically what happened right before or during the event.  What is not common is for the mainstream media to acknowledge such things.  This video feed will be taken down quickly, so we apologize if it is no longer viewable as of the time you read this article.  We do have screenshots from local agencies announcing the SWAT training.  These, as you might imagine, are impossible to find online now as they have all been hastily taken down.