Freingate?!? Pennsylvania Basically Under Martial Law for 40 Days Over One Suspect?

We all know that it seems like the police put a little extra effort into their crime-fighting efforts when one of their own is the victim.  In Pennsylvania, the massive, rights-stomping search for Eric Frein, the alleged shooter of two police officers back in September, has elevated to almost ridiculous levels.  There are citizens that are afraid to go about their day-to-day activities because of police harassment.  One unlucky man that had to walk to work has been stopped several times, some at gunpoint, because he committed the crime of looking vaguely like the suspect in a “all-white-people-look-the-same” kinda way.  In any case, there are murders and other heinous crimes being committed all over our country on a daily basis… how many get this kind of attention from the authorities?  But you can kind of overlook that in a way.  It’s easy to see how the police would really get their panties in the wad, ditch the donuts, and decide to go after the bad guys when it’s a copkiller they are dealing with.  But how far is too far?

Some people in conspiracy circles are going ahead and sounding the alarm.  Parts of Pennsylvania has been on what amounts to martial law for forty days, with no end in sight.  What do you think?  The video below explains in detail just how zealous the manhunt has become, and how much it has stretched into the liberties of other people that have absolutely nothing to do with Eric Frein.