Calm Before the Storm? Conspiracy Theorists Continue to Predict Total Economic Collapse Despite Good Indicators

To the casual observer, it may actually seem like things are getting a little better, at least in the economic sense.  Unemployment numbers are not something you can trust, but just looking around, it does seem like most people have jobs.  Gas prices have plummeted in the last month or two, and despite a little Ebola scare this week, the stock market has been breaking records and showing overall improvement.  We are heading into the fourth fiscal quarter, the time when holiday sales take over and businesses normally thrive.  Mortgage rates, long predicted to rise sharply in October of 2014, are actually rivaling the lowest rates ever.  What could go wrong?

economic-collapseWell, to many conspiracy theorists on the internet, a whole lot.  Despite all of these reasons to believe that things are moving in the right direction, there is still a huge movement in conspiracy circles that insists that we are on the brink of a total, unprecedented collapse of the United States and world economy.  It’s pretty unanimous.  It doesn’t matter which source you go to, if it’s not mainstream media or government-sponsored, chances are they have something up for you to read about how this is all just the calm before the storm.  The last moments of safety and security before the net is snatched out from beneath all of us.

While Common Sense Conspiracy does not necessarily wish to cast doubt on these theories, we encourage our readers to think about what the information they are reading consists of.  There are some really good sites out there that have verifiable, documented evidence that backs up what they are trying to say.  There are also people that have absolutely no evidence but speak with authority anyway.  Those are the people that give conspiracy theorists everywhere a bad name, and those are the people we do discredit from time to time.  So, to keep our readers reminded of how to discern between what is legit and what is not, we have assembled some tips.

  • DO check for links and sources for claims made.  Statistics can be made up quite easily.  As an example, we base this article on the statistic that 99.5% of all conspiracy sites are full of you know what.  No link, no evidence, no nothing.  Just take our word for it.  Pretty statistics don’t mean much if you can’t see how they came by them.  While citations aren’t necessary for every little thing, really big and bold claims should have some corroboration if the site wishes to be truly legit.
  • DO look at the history.  A tremendous amount of the sites we are talking about right now calling for the collapse of the American and world economy have articles with very recent dates on them.  If you dig further, however, you will find that they have been calling for this collapse ever since the last one happened.  Calling for something perpetually is definitely a detriment to a site’s credibility.
  • DON’T use the mainstream media or government sites as a measure of legitimacy.  As Common Sense Conspiracy constantly reveals to our readers, the mainstream media and government publish propaganda all the time that supports their agenda.  They have pretty statistics too.  Any site that uses only mainstream media or government sites as their corroboration is no more trustworthy than the corroborators.
  • DON’T panic.  While Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t necessarily declare that none of these sites are correct, we do have to admit that there is no site we have seen with information so solid that there is any reason to go into hysterical paranoid mode just yet.  When we find a site with a theory that obviously is 100% legit, we will not hesitate to alarm our readers.  If there’s a reason to panic, we’ll panic with you.  In the meantime, it’s perfectly normal to read the theories, check the facts, and process the information for yourself, but at this time, none of the theories out there foster a need for real panic or stockpiling of money or goods.  This could change quickly, so stay alert.

These tips are just a few things that we at Common Sense Conspiracy consider on a daily basis as we peruse the thousands of articles out there and what they mean to us and our readers.  We hope this will help you filter through the BS on your own when we aren’t able to save you in time.  Thanks for reading.