Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma by Muslim — Nature or Demonization of a Peaceful Religion?

A woman was beheaded in a food processing plant in the town of Moore, Oklahoma by a Muslim man that was attempting to convert her and a co-worker to his religion.  The other co-worker was stabbed repeatedly.  Apparently, the man was fired from his job.  It is not clear whether his attempts at converting his co-workers was the reason for his termination, but he sought out these two women and killed them in a horrifically violent manner for some reason.

Now, the FBI is saying that they are launching a full investigation into the incident.  This is because of the similarity in this death and some of the beheadings distributed on video by ISIS or the Islamic State in recent weeks (which many believe played a strong part in the decision of President Barack Obama to escalate air strikes in the region).  That’s the news story.  We won’t analyze those facts any further.  Up until here, you could have gotten all of this information from any mainstream media news source.  You don’t come to Common Sense Conspiracy for that.  What do you come here for is analysis from an alternative news standpoint, so here we go.

Expect more events like this to take place in America.  Why?  Because things happen like this all over our nation every single day.  Maybe not a beheading in particular, but murders…it’s par for the course at this point.  When the media sensationalizes one homicide over another, it is because of the agenda.  For example, the events in Ferguson, Missouri were singled out by the mainstream media to increase division and unrest along racial lines in America.  This story will be over-sensationalized by the media to make it sound like this is ISIS working in the United States.  More likely, this man was persecuted because of his religion, especially here lately with all the madness from ISIS once again demonizing Islam day and night, and he snapped.  It is certainly not excusable, but it also doesn’t mean he was a member of a terrorist organization.  What it does make all of us wonder (and this is exactly what the government wants it to make us wonder, incidentally) is whether people of this religion are violent like this by nature?  Is beheading someone because they refused to convert to your religion or even ridicule you for what you believe something that in the Muslim religion would be a normal reaction?

The answer is simple.  No.  Most Islamic people are perfectly peaceful.  There religious doctrines are peaceful.  A whole heck of a lot of what they believe coincides with Christians and Jews, so to say otherwise convicts many more people than just Muslims worldwide.  However, the media’s current mission is to bolster support for what President Obama and the American military are doing by once again reminding us how evil Muslims are.  See, even in your own safe and sound country, an American citizen can be beheaded at work.  Now, don’t those airstrikes seem necessary?

What do you think?  Is this a totally isolated event, or is its timing a little suspect?  The news report will give you more who, what, when, and where if you are interested.