When Will the Protests on the ISIS War Begin? We Don’t Have Any Hypocrites in America, Do We?

For over a decade, the Democrat rally cry in America has been the terrible war that former President George W. Bush started on false pretenses. He lied to the American public, telling them that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, forcing America into a war on a credit card that had no purpose. A war criminal, they called him. They lined the streets, even got arrested, to protest this atrocity.
Flash forward to 2014. President Barack Obama wages a war on multiple nations with no clear enemy or goal. No one bats an eye.

Where are you?  Peace?  Love?
Where are you? Peace? Love?

Where are the protesters now?
We don’t have any hypocrites in America, right?
But…but… President Obama is just acting on the concept that these people are an imminent threat to America.
Yeah, Bush said that too.
But…but… President Obama is only relying on the opinions of much more experienced military leaders.
Yeah, Bush said that too.
But…but… President Obama is only relying on the intelligence that is being put in front of him.
Yeah, Bush said that too.
But…but… President Obama has promised no boots on the ground.
You got us there. Bush didn’t say that. The smartest thing he ever did. Dumb as he was, Bush never promised to fight a major, long conflict without ever putting boots on the ground. Even he realized that was not possible nor something he could guarantee. With time, Obama will be made a liar for that statement. It’s the kind of “weapons of mass destruction” statement that will become a stupid Republican battle cry in a couple of years. “he said no boots on the ground,” they’ll say as they pat themselves on the back and sound just like the exact opposite but same brand of politician pieces of trash that they are.
Liars and thieves run our country, and it is no different today than it was eight years ago or twelve years ago or twenty years ago. It’s time for Americans to either get over it or do something about it. But at least be consistent. If you want to line the streets to protest unfounded, illegal wars, then do it for all of them, not just the ones that suit your political agenda.