United States Bombs ISIS Targets in Syria — Assad’s New Air Force?

For those keeping score, yes, it was President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry who went right to the brink just a few months ago with Syria, threatening all manner of war on them for circumstantial evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons.  It took Russia being the cooler head to prevail to stop Obama from bombing Syria based on a story that didn’t even make sense.  Well, flash forward to September 2014, and guess what?  Not only have Obama and Assad buried the hatchet, but now the United States has decided to personally act as Assad’s own private air force to defend him and his nation from ISIS.  What a crazy turn of events?

It really makes you wonder what kind of conflict this really is.  We all watched as Obama and then Congress revealed to us that the American military would happily being dropping bombs wherever Obama damn well pleases in the name of stopping a terrorist organization that no one can even agree on the name of.  Well, it has begun, and now America is bombing targets in Syria, the same country it was going to bomb anyway a few months ago, just not these targets.

So, in recap, President Obama was going to bomb Syrian targets because of Assad’s leadership decisions.  But now, in the face of even more radical Islamic jihadists, we have decided not only to forgive Assad, but to actually defend him.  Meanwhile the World Police can’t even keep strangers from walking into the White House with weapons.

If you believe that what America is doing in Syria tonight is without repercussions, you aren’t going to have to wait long to find out you were wrong.  With ISIS already encouraging people everywhere to launch freelance attacks on America, it is safe to say that the actions of a few has probably put many in danger.  But for what?

No one really knows for sure.

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