Two Security Incidents at the White House in Two Days — Terror Test or Secret Service Mutiny?

Historically, getting close to the White House has not been easy.  However, the last two days, seemingly random civilians have made it surprisingly close to the residence of the most powerful man in the world.  While it should be noted that the President was not present at the time, it is still troubling, and the Secret Service is taking a lot of slack for it.  Are these just random crazy people trying to get attention?  Or is there more to the story?

It could be a test.  Just like with our airline system, sometimes terrorist organizations run tests.  It may be that these incidents are designed to test the response of the Secret Service in and around the White House.  By seeing how they respond to these situations, terrorists can gain great intelligence about how to approach a real run.  Better yet, they understand just how effective an attempt at a diversion might be.

Of course, there is one other explanation.  Perhaps the Secret Service is as frustrated with the United States’ current situation as most Americans are and they have decided to send the President an important message.  What do you think?  Is there more to the story?  What will be next?  Is there a plan coming to fruition, or mutiny in the works?