Summer Ice Cap Expands Millions of Square Miles for Second Year in a Row — Sorry Al

The ever-present climate change debate has probably worn a lot of you out.  Common Sense Conspiracy has long held that this debate is kind of pointless because it is so laden with political nonsense on both sides.  It is foolish to think that humans are not causing damage to the Earth, but it is equally as foolish to launch doomsday predictions about how the ice cap is going to disappear in a few minutes when these things take literally millions of years to happen.  The truth is somewhere near the middle, and if you take all of the politics and fear-mongering out, you might arrive at something that the public could wrap their minds around, accept, and actually do something about.  But as usual, the government’s rabid attempts to polarize and divide our nation have been successful.  Climate change proponents sit around and have a beer while they laugh at people that don’t believe in it.  Climate change opponents sit around and have a beer and wonder why climate change proponents could be so dumb.  Meanwhile, nothing gets done, and the government wins again.

Having said all of that, stunning new satellite images are really raining on Al Gore’s climate change parade.  The former VP who actually lost to what is now heralded as the worst President ever boldly predicted that the ice cap would not only be shrinking, but be completely liquid water by now.  Well, he missed by a few million square miles.  The arctic ice cap, in fact, has expanded enormously for the last consecutive two years.  Scientists that study real facts and figures say this is a result of a cycle.  Scientists who have a political agenda for climate change will say that this is the calm before the storm.  Scientists that have a political agenda against climate change will say this is unequivocal proof that climate change doesn’t exist.

Who do you want to believe, because that’s all it really comes down to in this horse-and-pony show?

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