President Obama Prepares to Address the Nation With Some Very George W. Bush Throwback Comments

ISIS beware. So it’s Wednesday night, not quite throwback Thursday, but President Barack Obama is poised to address the nation tonight and outline his plans for how he wishes to deal with the Islamic State, the now shortened form of ISIS, the terror organization that has managed to put the United States and Islamic strongholds on the run at the same time. Amid constant criticism for his lack of response so far, Obama wants to make some kind of bold statement. Look for him to do just that.

Bush in 2002 with his famous "axis of evil" speech.  Not much has changed, George.
Bush in 2002 with his famous “axis of evil” speech. Not much has changed, George.

When Obama takes the podium later on this evening, you will hear a lot of terminology that might give you a powerful deja vu feeling. It should. Former President George W. Bush made tons of similar comments years ago as he began to lay the groundwork to invade Afghanistan, and later, Iraq in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks on Washington and New York. The anniversary of those attacks is coincidentally a few hours after Obama is scheduled to speak.
Much like back in the early 2000s, there is plenty of controversy in conspiracy circles about ISIS and what this all means. Most notably, we are not dealing with this in the rear view mirror as we did with Al-Qaida. So far, outside of beheading a couple of journalists, ISIS has not successfully struck at the United States’ core. The mainstream media has been beating its drums day and night, however, and most everyone around feels that some sort of attack is imminent. Whether it is on U.S. soil or overseas doesn’t really matter. The entire world is holding its breath for something to happen, and never has there seemed to be more indications that it was on the way.
In conspiracy circles, there are several theories. They range from America staging a false flag attack to garner public support for a full-scale war on ISIS to the concept that ISIS was created by the government and the media and doesn’t really exist. Whatever you believe, there is certainly a movement going on here. A war on ISIS would be the American superelite shadow government’s wet dream. A full-scale declaration of war on ISIS with some George W. Bush superlatives thrown in would mean unparalleled access to attack various countries. Think about it. Even traditional American enemies like Syria are asking for our help to fight off the Islamic State. America could declare a full assault on ISIS and then bomb Syria under the guise of helping. The same goes for several other Islamic-based nations. This could be a golden opportunity for the people behind the scenes in the American government, and make no mistake, they are not about to let it pass them by.
Stay tuned as Common Sense Conspiracy analyzes the President’s statement with more analysis as we gear up for the September 11 anniversary tomorrow.