Is the Secret Service Trying to Get President Obama Killed by “Security Lapses?”

There, we said it.  New information tonight is even more troubling for the Secret Service.  Now, we find out that President Barack Obama rode in an elevator with a contractor with a weapon and three convictions on his record.  Naturally, the Secret Service has rules against anyone like this getting close to the President of the United States and quite possibly the most powerful man in the world at any given moment.

If that isn’t enough, we had multiple incidents in the last week where people got a lot closer to the White House than they were supposed to.  In fact, the latest news indicates that a fence jumper actually made it not just on the property but actually into the White House itself, getting quite a ways inside before security tackled him.

Who has the criminal record again?
Who has the criminal record again?

Is the Secret Service this crappy at doing, you know, the main, 100% purpose for their existence, you know, defending the President of the United States?  Everyone understands the logistical challenges the Secret Service deals with day in and day out in protecting the President when he is on the road, but at home?  One would think that the White House would at least offer some sort of home team advantage, but apparently any crazed veteran can happily jump the fence and make it halfway to the Oval Office with a knife or God knows what else.  Is the Secret Service this bad?

That’s kind of hard to believe isn’t it?  Could there be more to the story?  Is the Secret Service purposely having these “security lapses” to send a message?  Can you ever remember this many security snafus in any President’s term in your lifetime?  Remember the hookers in Columbia?  We’ve had Secret Service officers found drunk laid out in the streets.  What is really going on here?  Is our age of papparazi, TMZ , and cell phones with video cameras just revealing these “lapses” when it actually is quite common?  Or is the Secret Service simply not doing as good of a job defending this President as it is supposed to?

We want to hear your opinions.

3 thoughts on “Is the Secret Service Trying to Get President Obama Killed by “Security Lapses?””

  1. the heart is sometimes bigger than the head. I may have a rocket launcher and a background that says I’m violent but that’s not to say I’m unpatriotic but loyal to the president. You cannot know your enemies.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, it certainly looks like the Secret Service is being incredibly, UNBELIEVABLY lax regarding protection for the President and his family. I can’t help wondering if it’s only because President Obama is black. I rarely believe in conspiracies, but this one, I do. I wonder if they want us to believe they’re just fumbling idiots, until the day someone succeeds in actually harming one of the First Family?

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