First Ebola Case Confirmed in the United States — Will Political Correctness Unleash an Epidemic?

The CDC has now confirmed that the United States of America has its first official case of the Ebola virus within its borders.  The infected individual is in Dallas, Texas and under “strict isolation” while doctors aggressively treat the potentially deadly virus.  As you might expect, the virus didn’t just pop up out of nowhere; it leapfrogged a ride on this person’s back from Liberia recently.  Now, many people are questioning why the United States government has not taken more drastic measures to make sure the virus is cut off from America.

ebolaThe Ebola virus is highly contagious, and that is why it has ravaged its way through Africa, killing 3,000 people so far, and that’s only half of the people known to have the virus.  Make no mistake, it wasn’t a joyride for those that didn’t die.  Their survival just means they made it through a very trying struggle.  While there is no doubt that health resources in America are bound to be considerably better than almost any country in Africa, the possibility of an Ebola epidemic in the United States is a very real concern.  In fact, President Barack Obama addressed these concerns at a United Nations meeting just the other day.  However, Americans continue to come and go from nations where Ebola is a problem without any restrictions.  Our borders continue to be basically open with little or no resistance to anyone that wants to make their way into America.  Why would millions of lives be put on the line by not taking any safety measures?

That’s an easy question to answer.  It just wouldn’t be politically correct to do so.  To tell Americans they can’t go to Africa.  To tell Africans they can’t come to America.  To tell people that are not legitimate citizens of the country that they can’t just waltz across the border.  It’s not a question of what should be done or how it would work.  It is a question of political correctness, and it is destroying our nation.  Don’t think so?  Consider this.

School shootings and gun violence are admittedly a terrible problem in the United States.  Take the Aurora shootings the Newtown tragedy.  What do we find out about the perpetrators long after the fact?  They had notebooks filled with rage.  They did crazy things.  They had school counselors and even shrinks that already thought they were capable of being a danger to society.  Why did no one do anything about it?  PC.  In our overly litigious society, everyone is so afraid to do anything to anybody that we are literally letting people go along on their merry way with real mental problems.  The Ebola situation is no different.  We are letting political correctness interfere with good old-fashioned logic and reasoning.  How many cases of Ebola will be documented in the United States before someone takes action and starts putting restrictions on travel to affected nations?  One wasn’t enough, so how many?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.