Eleven Jets Missing in Libya — Taken By ISIS? September 11X11?

The mainstream media has been reluctant to report on it, but slowly but surely, word is getting around that “anonymous sources” are confirming that at least eleven commercial jet airliners were somehow confiscated by Islamic extremists over the last year.  Presumably, this is connected to the quickly growing terrorist organization ISIS, or now just referred to as the “Islamic State.”

Nobody wants to see anything like this happen again in America, but new reports indicate that it might be inevitable.
Nobody wants to see anything like this happen again in America, but new reports indicate that it might be inevitable.

This news comes on the heels of a whole lot of fear mongering regarding ISIS.  A couple of weeks ago, Texas governor Rick Perry suggested that members of ISIS could have easily entered via the Mexican border and are probably already living amongst Americans waiting to do who knows what.  Just a few days later, officials from Saudi Arabia made comments that if ISIS members weren’t already in the United States, they surely would be soon.  Then, we have had two very public beheadings of American journalists.  Being that it is a little more than a week until the next anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. and New York, this news is quite unsettling and has a lot of people wondering if the missing airliners are part of a plot to make September 11 look like child’s play.

There is a lot of speculation about what could actually be done with these jets.  Opinions vary depending on who you talk to.  Some people fear a well-orchestrated September 11-like attack of coordinated planes crashing into buildings or other sites of significance.  Some rebut this by insisting that our military would surely detect the planes and be able to shoot them down if this were the case.  However, remember Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?  Yes, that plane is still missing, and it famously flew (so we are told) for miles and miles off any radar.  Some people in conspiracy circles now believe that Flight MH370 was a dry run, a test for what is coming next.  The pilots hijacked the plane to determine how the radars would work along a particular route, giving potential suicide bombers guidelines for just how long they have and the best way to go about getting there.  It would shed some light on one of the biggest mysteries in years:  where is Flight MH370?

A lot of people are antsy about the upcoming anniversary.  While ISIS probably would like to commemorate the occasion with a massive terrorist attack on American soil, they didn’t get this far by being stupid.  While authorities should be vigilant all the time, especially in the face of a threat like this, it’s only human nature that the country as a whole will be even more vigilant that day.  People will be watching closely that normally don’t pay attention.  That date probably means little in the grand scheme of things as far as stopping another attack, but the bottom line is people are people and they will be more worried about this on that day than the day before or the day after.  For this reason, it is unlikely that ISIS would waste a strike that might be uncovered too soon to make an impact.  It is also quite likely that ISIS wouldn’t even want to do something on that date because they want to make their own mark.  September 11 is a line in the sand that everyone remembers.  The date has become part of the nation and the world’s vernacular.  ISIS probably looks back fondly on this terrible day for America, but they seem pretty adamant that they want to make their own name for themselves and not live off the legend of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.  So, don’t think just because the sun is shining on the morning of September 12 that everything’s going to be fine.  These people live years amongst Americans, and a few days certainly won’t hurt their feelings.

What do you think?  Is this chatter we are hearing the prelude to another moment in history?  Or is the American government working overtime to make us think that way?  Who is pushing the buttons here?   We want to hear your opinions.

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