Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign — Another Victim of November Elections?

If you think the Democrats in America are not worried about the upcoming elections in which the Republicans will have a reasonable shot to retake the Senate and earn a supermajority, just look at what is happening right now.  President Obama has literally went to war to try to save the Senate, fearing the possibility of a major attack happening and him and the Democratic Party being severely criticized in the weeks leading up to the election.  Now, he is cutting off his buddies one by one.

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African American to hold the post, announced that he will resign as soon as a suitable replacement for him can be confirmed.  For most Americans, this is pretty stinking great news, as Holder’s 5 1/2 year run will go down as a pretty stinking one.  The Fast and Furious scandal immediately comes to mind, but even the nightmare in Ferguson, Missouri had a lot to do with Holder and the way he chose to enforce laws in America.

Does Holder know something we don’t?  Certainly.  There are probably more scandals to come, but most of all, Holder is acting as a Democratic sacrifice to the voting gods.  Like a football coach firing a coordinator after a bad year, President Obama is getting rid of a scapegoat so he can say “Look, we got rid of the bad apples.”  This will holderprevent Holder from being another target in the home stretch leading up to the election.  It also may very well lead to another bitter fight over Obama’s next appointee.  They could suggest a controversial one and then criticize Congress for not confirming him, or Obama may opt to pick a middle-of-the-road candidate to try to show that he is working with everyone.  In any case, hopefully they will select someone that actually has some sort of pedigree in law enforcement and not just another lawyer/politician elevated to a post that he or she has no business being in.