Atheist Prays Before Council Meeting in Huntsville, AL — Making a Point or Proving Atheism is a Religion?

Kelly McCauley is an aerospace engineer in Huntsville, AL who had a problem with the city council opening with a Christian prayer.  The Freedom from Religion Foundation got their panties in a wad about it too and threatened legal action if the council didn’t change their ways.  They happily did so.  They opened it up so that anyone of any religion could say a prayer too to keep it all fair.

atheist prayingOf course, if you are familiar with the FFRF, you know that fair is not what they want.  They want religion suppressed and eventually stomped out.  The concept that the council would make a reasonable accommodation so that other religions besides Christianity could be heard only pissed them off more.  Enter McCauley.  He is going to offer an atheist prayer before the meeting so that the religion of atheism can finally be heard as well.

Wait a minute!  Say what?  He is going to offer an atheist prayer?  That’s right.  McCauley says it will be some sort of offering for everyone to participate in the civil service (which they are already obviously doing anyway) and some other dribble about nothing, which incidentally is probably similar to all of the other prayers.

So, what do you think?  Is McCauley striking a blow for those that don’t believe in anything but still spend almost every waking second worrying about the fact that other people do?  Or is he only confirming that atheism is just another religion with all the usual tenants of religions as part of it?

What is fair?  Hearing all views, or bending over and acknowledging that no one but atheists have a right to speak about anything, ever?  That is the question here.