Why Everyone Needs to Get Off President Obama’s Back for Going to Play Golf Right After Speaking About an American’s Beheading

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to clear the air here.  Much is being made of President Obama immediately hitting the golf course after making comments about the beheading of an American journalist by the ISIS terrorist organization.   It was reported that not only did he not put off his golf game, but he was on the course literally a few scant minutes after he got through promising the world that America was really, really mad about this.

Really, what's the fuss?
Really, what’s the fuss?

Some people think that President Obama was distasteful to immediately resume normal operations (and by that, we mean vacationing) after marking a terrible American tragedy.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy dismiss this as nonsense.  Let us explain.

The idea that there is something wrong with the President teeing off just a a couple of hundred seconds after saying that the United States would relentlessly pursue the chaps that beheaded a journalist revolves around the idea that there was something that President Obama was going to do about it.  See, when you look at it in this context, you understand that it simply doesn’t matter what President Obama did directly after making these statements.  That’s because the one certainty here is that whatever he would have been doing instead of playing golf, it wouldn’t have been any more advantageous to anyone involved than him playing golf.

Yeah, put simply, and to borrow a phrase from Hillary, what difference does it make?  Obama wasn’t going to do anything about it anyway, as he has proven time and time again over the last few years.  He talks big and makes some bold statements, but everyone in America and the world over knows that this is as far as it goes.  So, why not golf?  Parcheesi?  Gin rummy?  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter what he was doing, because we know exactly what he is not going to do.

So, the next time you hear someone criticizing President Obama for vacationing right after commenting on an American tragedy, you slap them across the face and remind them that Obama on the golf course is probably better than anything he might try to do in the White House, so let’s just let him be.  Doing nothing, in this case, might be better than the alternative.