Thigh Bone on Mars is Latest Object to Cause Intrigue on the Red Planet

It is somewhat of a testament to NASA’s achievements in exploring Mars that frequently we have reports from some organization that they have spotted something unusual in images from Mars released to the public.  The sheer fact that this is possible is amazing in and of itself, but nonetheless, it can be a little tiring as the constant barrage of objects found on Mars makes the Internet rounds.

The “thigh bone” in the picture below is the latest to capture everyone’s imagination.  Spotted by a UFO watchdog organization no less, the idea is that this oddly-shaped rock is actually a bone from a living being.  That could be human or extraterrestrial, depending on how you like to take your conspiracy theory.  Of course, if this were true, it would be an absolutely life-changing moment for everyone on this planet.  However, it is most likely just a rock that happened to form in such a way that it makes people on Earth (especially those that are looking really hard to see something that they want to see) to think it is something more familiar.  We’ll now go over some reasons why this is most likely the case.

The first thing we will bring up is probably the most obvious.  These images were publicly released.  Every image from Mars is no doubt poured over by dozens of scientists.  There is absolutely ZERO chance that an image that included a bone from a living being on Mars would have ever made its way into the public domain unless it was being done with the express purpose of announcing a much more significant find.  This sort of thing isn’t going to just slip through under the radar.  The image was released because no one at NASA or anywhere in our government thought that this rock was any threat at all if released to the general public.

The second thing to consider is where the supposed bone is.  It’s laying right on the surface.  The Mars rovers aren’t equipped to do a full-fledged archaeological dig, and it is hard to believe that a bone like this could just simply be hanging out on the surface for a rover to casually snap a photograph as it goes by.  How often does that happen on Earth, a planet that we know is teeming with life?  It is safe to say that finding a bone just lying around in the Martian dust where presumably there aren’t animals to work around the clock digging them up is unlikely on its best day.

The third and final thing to consider is the frequency that we hear about this.  People want so desperately to find that hidden gem in all of these now thousands of photos.  But, the reality is that our first reason trumps all the rest.  If any of these photographs showed anything meaningful, none of us would be seeing it.  It does however make you wonder how many images there are out there that we were not allowed to see.

Smoking gun?  Probably not.
Smoking gun? Probably not.